ChestBrew POP (Pour Over Coffee Pouch)



  • Up your COFFEE GAME. This is the revolution in coffee that we’ve all been waiting for.
  • Pour over coffee you can take anywhere, just bring along a CUP & add HOT WATER.
  • 100% ground Arabica coffee beans in a paper pouch. No harmful plastic cup. Not an instant coffee.
  • Enjoy sipping on the STRONGEST, smoothest and exotic full flavor Vietnamese coffee at your desk.
  • POP it in your back pocket or backpack and fuel your insane drive to go anywhere.
  • Free US shipping over $30


ChestBrew POP (Pour Over Coffee Pouch) – Have amazing single serve coffee anywhere.

Who isn’t totally fed up with awful office coffee, terrible instant coffee, weak hotel coffee and waiting in line at the coffee shop? We are and so we came up with the brilliant idea of putting our delicious premium Arabica beans in these ultra-convenient pour over coffee pouches.

Every POP lets you savor the strongest, smoothest and full flavor coffee whether you’re at home, at work, or out travelling. Not to mention that our caffeine content game is STRONG because these beans were grown and roasted in Vietnam, the birthplace of ridiculously strong coffee.

This changes everything. The ChestBrew POP is a caffeinated lifesaver so you’ll never be without a good cup of coffee again.

Weight & Dimensions

Weight 15.60 oz
Dimensions 6.75 x 5.00 x 4.00 in


  1. What can I say. I have been following the social media of ChestBrew for some time because of a few reasons… they are super positive about life, post some very cool things about being active and challenge you to think differently… all while enjoying their product. I recently purchased the beans for the first time, tried it out… and wow. I love it. I am a huge coffee fan… love my italian espresso, Greek coffee… and now, Vietnamese blend. ChestBrew is on my new favorite. Keep up the good work!

  2. There is nothing bad to say about the ChestBrew POP! It is genius and the coffee tastes amazing!
    I really love to brew my coffee in the morning but if I don’t feel like getting my coffee pot dirty, I can always do a pour over with ChestBrew.
    These will definitely be going with me anytime I travel. So excited to find a great tasting coffee that is convenient!

  3. I love these POP packets! They are so convenient and easy to take anywhere (camping, the office, short trips) – plus the coffee tastes great! I have officially stocked them in my office desk for a quick, fresh coffee fix. It’s worth noting that the pouches have fit over every size mug I have tried, and the coffee tastes smooth and consistent. Thank you ChestBrew!

  4. POP simplifies the process of making pour over coffee immensely. One of the traditional problems with pour over is how can you follow a complex set of instructions, grinding the beans, having the correct amount ground, finding the right filter etc etc, all while half asleep and your brain not yet running on coffee. Now you can roll out of bed, open a pouch, pour hot water over it, and you have a quick and consistent way of making a perfect pour over cup. It’s a no brainer!

  5. I’ve purchased ChestBrew Moon Bear whole beans before and loved it so I was curious to try the new POP. I make pour over coffee almost every day but sometimes I’m running late for work and I just don’t have the time to prep everything. This is not only super quick and convenient but it tastes amazing as well- flavorful, smooth, fresh. I’m super impressed. The POP fits snuggly over my mug and my travel container so there’s no mess. I will definitely be recommending this to friends who camp and travel frequently!

  6. I have placed 3 orders from ChestBrew. All of my orders arrived very quickly, packaging was nice and neat and product was just as described. ChestBrew coffee is smooth and delicious. The ChestBrew POPs are great and convenient if you do not have a coffee maker or in my case, do not like the coffee offered by my employer. The grips on the POP grabbers do not seem very sturdy at first but they are actually quite strong. I’ve used them with both ceramic coffee mug as well as paper cups from the office. When you pour the water in the pouch, you have to be careful not to overfill as coffee grinds might get into your coffee cup. But all in all, these are very easy to use and I would highly recommend. I will definitely order from ChestBrew again and again.

  7. I am a serious coffee drinker so I am always looking to find a quality brand that is also affordable. I was so excited to try Chest Brew because I had heard great feedback and let me tell you it did not disappoint. It was my first time trying Vietnamese coffee so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I absolutely loved it’s smooth robust flavor and I really liked the design of the little pop bags. I simply placed the little holders of either side of the cup popped the seal open and poured the water very carefully into the bag with the ground coffee inside. Voilà! Delicious authentic coffee like you would get from a coffee shop without having to leave the house! I would highly recommend this brand to anyone especially coffee drinkers like myself. You will love it!

  8. I love this coffee! ❤️ It’s perfect for travel and outdoor adventures! All you need is hot water. The flavor and aroma of this coffee bean is just amazing! Nothing compares.

  9. I love ChestBrew coffee and love really good quality coffee. I was so impressed with this innovative POP design and loved everything from the taste of the coffee, design of the packaging, and most of all the ease of using this. I tried this a few weeks ago when I was in a rush to get out the door and had limited time to make coffee. The POP was so simple to use and extremely quick and easy. Thank you for introducing me to not only the coffee but ChestBrew POP! Love it and will be a continued customer! Highly recommend it to anyone who wants simplicity without sacrificing good quality, tasty coffee!!

  10. Perfect for at work! I’ve given them to all my coworkers and everyone loves them. Strong coffee that tastes delicious.

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE The ChestBrew POP! and this makes an EXCELLENT Stocking stuffer!

  12. I have been drinking Chestbrew for a while. It is by far my favorite coffee-it’s bold, flavorful and amazing in my French press! I just tried my Chestbrew ‘pop’s and yum! It makes a strong cup of coffee! If you are taking along instant powdered coffee (like that Nestle swill) when you go camping or to the office-stop! Try the ChestBrew! To test how strong it was, I used one pouch for my whole French press, and it was delicious! Chest Brew is single sourced, premium Arabica beans from Vietnam and is a family owned business. You have to check out their blog, at […] You will find tips and tricks for making an awesome cup of coffee (like pouring about one ounce of water over the coffee, letting it ‘bloom’ for 15 seconds, before you pour the rest of the water over it. There’s also a great video on how to make cold brew coffee, I love it. I am a fan of ChestBrew, and will be sticking with this brand from now on. I have a group of friends that loves to meet up at Starbucks, and I finally got to take my Chest Brew with me! I used to drink the Americano (black- 6 or 7 shots espresso), but I got tired of their burnt beans. I just asked for a cup of hot water and two cups and made my own coffee (I have no shame). You can take these anywhere, I always have one in my purse. Chestbrew is very bold, never bitter.

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