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Fifteen years ago, most Vietnamese foods were being served in small unknown restaurants in tiny communities. You’d be lucky to find a Phở house or a Bánh Mì shop. Yet, like all things that have that kick ass goodness factor, it didn’t take long for Vietnamese food to leap out of its ethnic bubble and into popular culture. Forget looking, now the question is how to choose which place to go?

Long before ChestBrew Coffee was a bean on a far off east Asian tree, Minh and Teresa were deep into this Vietnamese food revolution. In their early twenties, before ever sharing one Cà Phê Sữa Đá together, they both created brands, built restaurants, manage operations and served delicious Vietnamese food to tens of thousands of people.

Neither worked their asses off for recognition or status. They did it because of the connection and respect they had for the Vietnamese culture and its people.

Their first encounter was, funny enough, in a Vietnamese restaurant over a heated discussion of a traditional dish and proper business practices. The debate may have ended but it was just start of what they, now married, have today.

Over the years Teresa traded her apron and notepad for a sports bra and some dumbbells and became an accomplished health & fitness expert. Minh got someone in Corporate America to pay him handsomely and worked his Environmental Engineer butt off to develop and bring the most innovative water disinfection method to the world.

It was a good life but no matter what they did Vietnam was always on their minds.

Over the years Minh made a habit of bringing his secret coffee stash back whenever he would travel to Vietnam. Truth is, he had no intention of sharing his Vietnamese coffee with anyone. On the off chance he did break down and brew up the beans for guests their reactions were always the same, “Damn, that’s strong coffee! Can we get some?” And when they did get a bag, they would brag to everyone else about what a kickass coffee it was. Word quickly spread about the coffee and how it helped people get work done faster and with so much more focus. Most importantly, how ridiculously strong and smooth it was.

It didn’t take long for Minh to realize he was slowly but surely being dragged into the coffee business. And with Teresa on board for the next challenging chapter of their lives the rest is caffeinated history.

It doesn’t matter how many of cups of java you’ve tried, there is nothing compared to the kick in the pants that ChestBrew Coffee will give you.


Looking around, there hasn’t been much in terms of coffee innovation over the last decade. Beyond cold brew coffee and pour over coffee that is. Granted, there are some decent coffees out there but being the fearless and competitive company ChestBrew prides itself on being, we always step up to the challenge.

With the market filling up there’s no shortage of cold brew brands. We took the brewed bullet ourselves and researched a ton of offerings both ready to drink and DIY. The verdict? They almost made the grade. Fact is, cold brew coffee is unforgiving and a good batch demands the highest quality beans. ChestBrew understands and delivers this with their signature roast. Moon Bear uses premium beans and is roasted to make the perfect cold brew. It’ the only coffee bean that consistently makes a strong and sweet cold brew without being bitter and sour.

While everyone in the industry is making pour over coffee into this expensive, pretentious, inconvenient as hell problem, we decided to kickass and bring an inexpensive, ultra-convenient pour over coffee product to the market. ChestBrew POP (Pour Over Coffee Pouch) started as a necessity for Minh and Teresa’s hiking trips but now, thanks to the POP, everyone can enjoy a cup of strong and delicious coffee anywhere.

Our quality coffee beans are single sourced from the best and most progressive coffee beans farmers in Vietnam. The high-tech roasting facility is one of the few in SE Asia with USFDA approval. Furthermore, we challenge ourselves to be the best at quality control and packaging. We never add anything to the roasting process, making our coffee beans 100% premium Arabica.

What it comes down to is that we know our coffee will fuel your insane drive to GET IT DONE and make you STRONG and be UNSTOPPABLE.

Minh Tran

Minh Tran

Business Development, Co-Founder

Born in Saigon Minh fell in love with coffee at a young age as a way to spend quality time with his caffeine loving grandma. It was also the fuel that gave his curious mind the energy to explore the nooks and crannies of his hometown District. It was there that his grandfather taught him the value of hard work and the importance of entrepreneurship as a vehicle to help others live higher quality lives and his keen interest in business development began. After relocating with his wife to Southern California in 2013 Minh became obsessed with finding strong coffee. He decided to go back to Vietnam and seek out a way to build the best Vietnamese coffee company while at the same time creating opportunities to help enrich the lives of the hard working folks of his hometown. ChestBrew Coffee was established in 2016. He’s also an avid hobbyist, dog enthusiast and loves to ride along the Pacific Coast highway on his motorcycle.
Teresa Ma

Teresa Ma

Marketing, Co-Founder

Teresa relocated to Southern California in 2013 and quickly fell in love with the large Vietnamese community. Her passion for exploring the culture, learning the language and keeping up with her husband meant her love and need for coffee to fuel her days was at an all-time high. As an advocate of sharing the good things in life and a spirited believer in the power of social connection to impact change she is driven by her belief that every moment of life is a chance to work hard and make a difference. Inspired by her husband’s devotion to his cultural roots and her acquaintance with Vietnamese coffee her commitment to helping create opportunities for hard working people and her enthusiasm for bringing the best coffee to the American market is stronger than ever. She’s also a huge dog lover, mother to a beautiful daughter and can often be found under a tree in a park with a cup of great coffee and a good book.
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