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ChestBrew Coffee Revolutionizes Instant Coffee with ChestBrew POP

Portable pour over pouches eliminates the dissatisfaction of instant coffee

Los Angeles, August 9, 2016 – – ChestBrew Coffee today announced the release of ChestBrew POP’s, the most convenient and delicious portable pour over coffee pouch that allows you to have a great cup of Vietnamese coffee anywhere with just a POP, a cup and hot water.  ChestBrew POP’s revolutionizes the traditional tried and true cup of instant coffee with its ultra-portable ready to brew filter pouch filled to the brim with its popular Moon Bear Roast that anchors securely to the top of your mug.  Each POP comes compactly folded in a small package with a tear-away top that makes a strong and delicious cup of coffee.

“ChestBrew POP’s are a game changer for coffee lovers who are on the go, love to travel or who like to camp and spend time outdoors”, says Minh Tran, co-founder of ChestBrew. “Being from Saigon, where coffee is life, I appreciate a good, strong cup of coffee and living in Southern California for the past few years I’ve become addicted to hiking and camping.” Having tried the ready- to- drink and the instant coffee options there was never one he liked enough to buy again which made him think they’re had to be a better way to get his much needed coffee-fix. “After ChestBrew Coffee successfully launched its whole bean Moon Bear roast this past year the idea of the POP just made sense. It solves the issue of dissatisfaction with ready-to-drink and instant coffee- poor quality- by giving coffee lovers the satisfaction of a great cup of coffee anywhere with minimal equipment.”

ChestBrew POP’s are filled with 100% premium Arabica coffee beans sourced from select regions of Vietnam.  The unique filters were especially designed for people who want to have great coffee away on the go, no matter if that’s at the office or in the woods, without having to compromise on quality.  The eco-friendly package also doubles as a trash receptacle for the used filter. A pack of 18 (15g) ChestBrew POP’s retail for $17.99 and are available exclusively on Amazon beginning in August (

ChestBrew POP’s join the whole bean Moon Bear roast as another Project of Purpose as the brand further expands into offering the best in Vietnamese coffee products to help create opportunities for brighter futures for the hard working folks of Vietnam. The ChestBrew POP is convenient and is perfect for people who want great coffee anywhere.

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Contact Info

Teresa Ma | Co-Founder/Communications Coordinator

ChestBrew Coffee | |

Address: 8400 Edinger Ave, C107, Huntington Beach CA, 92647

Telephone: 323-559-1490



Minh Tran, Co-Founder, Bio

Born in Saigon Minh fell in love with coffee at a young age as a way to spend quality time with his caffeine loving grandma.  It was also the fuel that gave his curious mind the energy to explore the nooks and crannies of his hometown District.  It was there that his grandfather taught him the value of hard work and the importance of entrepreneurship as a vehicle to help others live higher quality lives and his keen interest in business development began. After relocating with his wife to Southern California in 2013 Minh became obsessed with finding strong coffee. He decided to go back to Vietnam and seek out a way to build the best Vietnamese coffee company while at the same time creating opportunities to help enrich the lives of the hard working folks of his hometown. ChestBrew Coffee was established in 2016. He’s also an avid hobbyist, dog enthusiast and loves to ride along the Pacific Coast highway on his motorcycle.


Teresa Ma, Co-Founder, Bio

Teresa relocated to Southern California in 2013 and quickly fell in love with the large Vietnamese community.  Her passion for exploring the culture, learning the language and keeping up with her husband meant her love and need for coffee to fuel her days was at an all-time high.  As an advocate of sharing the good things in life and a spirited believer in the power of social connection to impact change she is driven by her belief that every moment of life is a chance to work hard and make a difference. Inspired by her husband’s devotion to his cultural roots and her acquaintance with Vietnamese coffee her commitment to helping create opportunities for hard working people and her enthusiasm for bringing the best coffee to the American market is stronger than ever. She’s also a huge dog lover, mother to a beautiful daughter and can often be found under a tree in a park with a cup of great coffee and a good book.


Company Background

ChestBrew Coffee sells coffee but as group of people with consciously aware and supportive consumers what we do goes well beyond sales goals and brand recognition. ChestBrew works towards creating opportunities for brighter futures.

Even before the idea of coffee was on the table our parent company  knew down to its corporate core that every business it entered into, every project it considered taking on whether in the world of coffee, tech and beyond had to have one important and non-negotiable condition.  A solid, human to human enriching purpose.

Our goal, with your support, is to help the little guy.  It’s to create as many opportunities as possible for as many people as possible who have all the drive, need and desire in the world to build a brighter future for themselves, their children and the future of their country.

Here’s how we do it…

  1. An opportunity to help those in need is determined.
  2. A business partnership is made and nurtured with all the details sorted out.
  3. An incredible product/service is brought to the U.S. and purchased by eager and awesome consumers.
  4. Revenues are divided fairly to the three parties involved; 1/3 to Vietnamese workers, 1/3 American Distributor and 1/3 to ChestBrew Coffee.

Opportunities are created, futures are made brighter and the world gets to enjoy an amazing product that not only makes life better but allows each individual a chance to be a part of an even bigger change.

It’s not a quick fix but our Projects of Purpose have staying power.  Their projects that offer the best to everyone and stand on their own sustainably solid feet.  Those feet just happen to belong to everyone involved including yours and mine.




Introducting ChestBrew POP (Pour Over Coffee Pouch)

ChestBrew Coffee… Coffee with a Purpose


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