There’s coffee and then there’s ChestBrew Coffee. 

Some people might say that our coffee is too strong and to those people we say, “Right on, it’s Vietnamese coffee son.”  Some might say the same about our blog.  Heads up, we don’t hang out in safe spaces.  We’re straight forward and to the point.  There is No Boredom and No Bullshit here.  This blog talks about handling business and getting it done.  lf you’re looking for a way to find happiness that has nothing to do with rainbows and everything to do with YOU taking action, then you’ve found the right place.

5 Things to Stop Caring about Right Now

5 Things to Stop Caring about Right Now

  Are you or is the one you love the hyper-caring type? You know, the person who loses sleep over their job interview or the big game? The person who tries to please and impress everyone under God green’s earth leaving nothing for themselves? Read them ‘5 things...

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Top 10 Soul Sucking Time Wasters of 2016

Top 10 Soul Sucking Time Wasters of 2016

2016 is almost over and what have we done? Probably not much. Just like most of us, you’re probably feeling pretty guilty about not being where you told yourself you would be this year. Are you 10 for 10? Read our list of the top 10 Soul Sucking Time Wasters of 2016....

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