If there’s one thing you must make time for while traveling through Vietnam it’s visiting some of best cafes in Saigon, the Workshop.

At a place where the coffee culture is life, the city is experiencing serious and fast growth in the number of eclectic and unique cafes that are a world away from the traditional street cafes.

Everything from cafes that serve coffee, fashion and art side by side to quirky and quiet getaways that feel more like an Adventure in Wonderland.  Vietnamese iced coffee is the constant but where you sip it is a whole other question.

One answer to that could be The Workshop (Tripadvisor).

Located at 27 Ngô Đức Kế, Bến Nghé, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam this hidden gem of a coffee house is impressive even by European or American standards.

Like most great cafes in Saigon the small entrance is hidden in plain sight and you know the saying “good things are worth waiting for?”  Well, with three full flights of stairs to get to The Workshop you’ll definitely be waiting and working your way to the best serious coffee lover experience ever. 

As you ascend up the stairs every step in the beautifully designed space is flooded with natural light. The higher you hike the more of a welcome you receive with a cooler kiss of air conditioning.

This blast of refreshing air could be reason enough to head up the stairs alone. A fact I know my fellow travelers will appreciate.

Of course, the real reason is the coffee and we haven’t forgot that.

Once you’ve made it inside The Workshop it’s pretty clear every step was worth it.

Quickly becoming known as Vietnam’s first specialty coffee bar, The Workshop takes Saigon’s respect for coffee to the next level by blending science, art and passion in pursuit of the ultimate brew.

The café is situated in a gorgeous and roomy airy loft-space.  It feels, in fact, a universe away from the streets and alleyways below.

The Workshop’s massively elegant French door windows open the café up making you feel like you’re in coffee heaven.  The high ceilings create a modern atmosphere and those panoramic views of the city streets are priceless.

Consider staying for a while and get comfortable at their robust wooden tables that make a great work space for the day.  The vintage stools are surprisingly comfy and the mere fact that it’s an open coffee bar concept makes you feel even more a part of something really special.

As for coffee, your wish is their high quality hand crafted command.

Every wish, that is, except for Vietnamese iced coffee as this place is “for serious coffee drinkers only”.

But if you’re particular on your type of brewing method or are curious to try something knew they have the equipment, locally sourced beans and talent to create.

From Chemex, pour-over, Aeropress, to espresso and more it’s a coffee lovers dream.

No matter what way you take it the coffee delivers on all its promises.  This is no doubt in large part to do with their highly trained staff of barista’s.  Not only do they look the part with their authentic “workshop” aprons but there skills are on point.

Making this one of the best cafes in Saigon is the bonus that they also serve a decent plate of food. It’s good to keep in mind that the menu is strictly Western style which means you can expect to pay Western prices.  This isn’t a big deal, especially after a few weeks of exotic travel, a hot plate of eggs, bacon and toast with your morning coffee can be the exact kind of treat you’re needing.

If you’re lucky enough to be there when the owners – a team which also includes two coffee farmers -host their annual barista competition be sure to check it out! It’s an amazing display of exciting talent emerging right in front of your eyes.


What’s your favorite way to brew coffee?


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