Moon Bear Whole Bean Coffee



  • Try the UNSTOPPABLE coffee that every other coffee is scared of.
  • Fuel your insane drive to GET IT DONE and crush your goals with these bold beans.
  • Up your COFFEE GAME with the only single origin premium Arabica coffee beans from Vietnam.
  • Enjoy every sip of the STRONGEST, smoothest and exotic full flavor Vietnamese coffee.
  • Crafted to be BEST BEANS for Cold Brew Coffee, Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Hot Brew.
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The old caffeinated way just won’t cut it anymore. We’re here to do big things and make real changes. After we tested and tasted all other whole bean coffees, we tasked ourselves to create the most unapologetic, unpretentiously strong coffee. We roast these beans to fuel ourselves and other honest hardworking folks to work harder and faster.

Our single origin 100% premium Arabica dark roasted whole bean coffee beans are so full of rich, exotic and bold flavor the minute the aroma hits your senses good things start to happen. Not to mention that our caffeine content game is STRONG because these beans were grown and roasted in Vietnam, the birthplace of ridiculously strong coffee. So if you’re not down with weak and pretentious coffee, grab yourself a bag of ChestBrew coffee now and crush it.

Weight & Dimensions

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 10 x 5 x 3 in


  1. Martin Yee

    Not being one to write reviews but felt the need to rave about this coffee lover’s coffee!

    Beans are dark roasted with an amazing aroma. Couldn’t find my french press so made a traditional hot brew and it was savor-fully bold yet smooth. I’m hooked! Can’t wait for my morning cupS! Ps – I can’t recall a fresher bag of whole beans – seems like they were picked and roasted this morning!

  2. Phu D. Tran

    Love it, Using espresso machine and coffee cream with sugar to make creamy ice coffee instead of ice milk coffee. Black ice coffee also very good. Recommend to all coffee lovers.

  3. Angela Thompson

    Great coffee! Very nice dark roast, smooth and sweet. I’ve used it in my French press and my Aeropress, and it worked well both ways. I’ve lost my Vietnamese coffee maker, but the other methods worked well. I think I may make some chocolate covered beans too, these beans taste great!

  4. IAR

    This is GREAT coffee. I enjoy an earthy flavor with very little bitterness. This coffee tastes bold without the bitterness and that is a tough itch to scratch. I suggest using a French Press.

  5. Hollieray

    This coffee is really great! We did the cold brew method listed on the bag. I’ve never done that before but it was super easy and the instructions were clear. The coffee is crisp and clean tasting and smells amazing! My only complaint is that we didn’t make more!

  6. Marielle Memmer

    This is great coffee! I haven’t tried it cold, but it’s great hot. I prefer dark roast but it can be hard to find a good one. This one is great, bold and smooth. I’ve had a few friends try it and they really like it as well.

  7. Glenn Grant

    we were recently in vietnam and i fell in love with their coffee. bought a few bags of ‘weasel coffee’ in hanoi. hoped that the moon bear would be similar. close examination revealed the moon bear beans to be slightly larger, less dark, and less oily. brewed in an italian espresso pot with a little cinnamon, served hot with honey and milk or just honey. totally not vietnamese style. slightly less smooth than my weasel coffee, but still very good. i will have to try it cold as soon as the weather warms up.
    interestingly, a day before i received the package, i received an email from chestbrew asking if the package arrived ‘in the state i would expect’ and if there was a piece of tape on the bottom. sure enough, the tape, although there, didn’t hold and the bag had opened from the bottom, scattering the beans around the box. i’m sure the company’s concern and followup email mean that they will upgrade to a stronger tape.
    I really like the coffee as well as the company’s ideals and business practices. i will buy this coffee again, i hope they are very successful.

  8. Erin

    Great versatile whole bean coffee. I’ve used ChestBrew to make cold brew, drip coffee & french press hot coffee and it is delicious. Dark and strong & not bitter. I tend to always have cold brew coffee in the fridge as my go to drink – but with family in town wanting hot coffee as well CheestBrew really stands up to multiple methods.

  9. Marqutte

    Have been desperately searching for a coffee that replicates the rich and robust taste of one I drank once at local Vietnamese restaurant. Stumbled upon CHESTBREW MOON BEAR on Amazon and ordered. The beans were obviously well handled through the process and come with a wonderful aroma that enhances during the brewing. They are small, dark and have a nice feel. More importantly they turn into a bold, but not overwhelming coffee that is so smooth that you want to get right back to the next cup. Heartily recommend to any regular coffee drinker or connoisseur. jp

  10. p33w33

    Coming from someone who loves coffee, I was quite impressed on how fresh and aromatic it tastes! Great choice for either Vietnamese pressed coffee or regular brewed coffee. Definitely bang for your buck. I make this fresh every morning and it gets me through the day without having to go Starbucks. Win,win!!!

  11. Jamie

    Wow I am impressed! This coffee is delicious, focused on sustainable practices & creating opportunities for the people in Vietnam. I have tried it both hot & cold and I can’t get enough…I am sipping it right now. I was spoiled with all the yummy coffee places in San Francisco, and since moving back home I have been searching for a perfect roast. I think I may have found it. Not only do I support the mission of ChestBrew, this coffee is smooth, tasty, & smells divine. All I want in a brew 🙂

  12. B Habs

    I purchased this item as a gift for my sister, and she absolutely loved it. It smelled amazing the instant she opened the bag, and she said that it tasted delicious. She was very pleased with the purchase.

  13. Amazon Customer

    I do love this coffee. In fact I intend to make it my all the time coffee! When my first bag arrived, the bottom and top seams had come open, and the beans were spread throughout the box with other items. I mentioned this to the seller, and not requested they sent me another bag! The coffee is delicious, with tones of sweet, bitter, floral, chocolate and other flavors, and a thicker “mouthfeel” than other coffees. It reminds me of pure Kona that I used to get in Philadelphia for $40 per pound nearly thirty years ago. Then, imagine my delight when I got the recomended brewing apparatus and tried that. Wow! The difference was like night and day. Delicious, rich, oh man I can’t say enough good things about it! I will be buying it as my regular coffee, no need to use any other my search is over. So pleased! Thank you! Nice folks too

  14. Nicole Adams

    The coffee beans are very consistent with a dark brown color and super smooth. The smell both as you open the bag and while brewing is amazing. I really like this coffee and would recommend to anyone looking for a superb all around coffee for either cold or hot.

  15. Noah

    Amazing coffee! Smooth yet bold and supet tasty! We have been making a cold brew out of our beans, and it keeps us going throughout the day. Looking forward to ordering our next batch soon!

  16. Julie Cakanic

    Great coffee – rich, full flavored without being acidic. Great for ice coffee as well!!!

  17. christopher dickerson

    Best bean I’ve found so far for cold brew! It’s nice and dark, sweet and has a chocolatey finish.

  18. Patricia Crane

    I love the coffee!! I will be ordering more. It was nicely packed and arrived in perfect condition. Full of flavor but also soft.

  19. Linh L.

    We brewed ChestBrew Whole Bean Coffee with our Chemex following the suggested proportion, and the coffee came out smooth and strong.

  20. Eric Falk

    Brewed my first batch yesterday. Was delicious! Enjoyed it iced Vietnamese style. Followed the simple chestbrew video and it came out perfect. Nice smooth flavor.

  21. Timothy Hallinan

    This is a really fine dark-roasted coffee with a full range of flavor that’s not masked by the burned bitterness in some dark roasts. I’ve ordered it three times, and it’s on my shelf as one of my permanent coffees

  22. Trieditall

    Yum! This coffee is full of FLAVOR without the bitterness that some dark roasts have-it tastes perfect. I make mine using a french press, and drink mid afternoon for a pick me up (instead of a snack!). I used to drink Starbucks (6 or 7 shots of espresso in hot water-black), but Starbucks is straight nasty now-always has a burnt flavor. I have since switched to organic coffees, and have one that I use frequently, but haven’t found any that really pack a good punch for me like the ChestBrew. The ChestBrew is not organic, but it is single source, and has no additives or fillers. I love it, I drink it every day. I tried the cold brew this morning with some coconut milk and honey-its excellent! You can prepare it the night before, and take it with you on the go. If you visit the ChestBrew website, they have a couple of videos that show you how to make Vietnamese iced coffee, several different ways, I still use my French press, but I am planning on buying a Phin (I think that is spelled right). If you check out their website, you can read up on coffee info, how to videos, fun stuff about ChestBrew, and Vietnam. This is a small business, that is very focused on making a great product. This moon bear coffee is a hit for me, I’m hooked-that’s guaranteed. This coffee is GOOD! (I can’t stand coffee that has no taste, or tastes burnt, or, like Target’s organic espresso, that tastes and smells like cat food/tuna-no joke. I returned a bag and had them smell it-so gross.) I will keep buying it, (it is only one of two coffees that I will buy). ChestBrew has a rich, deep coffee tastes and wakes me up! Love it!

  23. Florida Kayaker

    Opening the box when this coffee arrived was a delight because the smell was wonderful. These whole beans are simple to grind in my coffee grinder and easy to run though my Mr. Coffee. The result is another wonderful aroma.

    My coffee has a robust and full flavor every time with no trace of bitterness. My husband has declared this good enough that we can serve it to company and I totally agree.

    Neither of us has a taste for iced coffee so I cannot comment on that but a recipe is available for those that do prefer it.

  24. Woodenshoe

    Excellent coffee beans, full flavor, and beautiful to see, grind and brew.

  25. Wahoohead

    A very strong dark roast. Iused it both in a drip maker and as a cold brew in a french press. Good both ways. I have re-ordered more

  26. Kerry Drake

    very good coffee,best i have in a long time

  27. Eric

    Nice packaging and the “How To Brew” instructions on the side of the bag was a great bonus. It’s awesome seeing a company giving its customer some great info on brewing and measurements. The dark roast has a beautiful aroma to it. Great in a French press and also used as a cold brew. I love the smell of the cold brew after a 16 hour brew and it gives the aroma of dark chocolate. It has a smooth taste and isn’t overly bitter. Goes great with almond milk!

  28. Michael O.

    Very mild low acidic coffee. Smooth mellow roasted flavor.

  29. B. Ong

    Great smooth and dark coffee brewing with my aeropresso and oxo cold brew system, will gladly order again.

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