If there’s one thing that Saigon has it’s a healthy coffee scene. Our own personal treks through Saigon have spoiled us with some of the best coffee tasting experiences we’ve ever had.

Best Cafes in Saigon

Keeping in mind there are thousands of cafes in Saigon to choose from whether you’re looking for your morning jolt, a chill place to get some work done, a place to duck in to avoid the drench of rainy season or a simple and sweet after dinner dose with friends the choices can definitely be overwhelming.  We spent quite a bit of time researching ourselves and hey, if you ever do find yourself in Saigon let us help you out.

In our Best Cafes in Saigon series we’ll share our favorite cafes that go above and beyond simply serving drinks, post a few pics so you can get a feel for the ambiance and toss in some of the details to get you there and enjoying a good cup of cà phê yourself.

Alright, first on ChestBrew’s Café Must Menu is L’Usine.

Are you like me and love when fashion and coffee come together? Well welcome to L’USINE: Fashion, Lifestyle, Cafe,Gallery.

Best Cafes in Saigon

With two locations in Saigon, the original is located at Dong Khoi. Hidden inside an alleyway with paintings and other crafts for sale this is one of my favorite places to go early in the morning for a tall and strong iced coffee alongside a yummy lemon tart.

The atmosphere is so pleasant with their contemporary furniture, faux trees lined with beautiful lights, large windows that allows tons of natural sunlight in and high Victorian ceilings.  L’Usine is a hidden gem and a quiet retreat from the busy streets below.

Their second location a few miles away at Le Loi is another great place to refresh and recharge yourself.

The cafe offers a full Western style breakfast menu with lunch and dinner options as well. Their tuna salad is delicious! Their desserts are divine and their coffee bar includes lattes, cappuccinos and of course Cà phê sua đá (Sweetened Vietnamese Iced Coffee). If you happen to be a tea drinker I highly recommend the blossom flower tea!

Best Cafes in Saigon

To top it off both locations have an attached eclectic boutique where you can browse clothes, shoes, jewelry and find some beautiful and unique gifts and souvenirs.

L’Usine also hold the occasional fashion show turning their café and boutique in a runaway for local fashion designers to showcase their talent.  How cool is that?

Keep in mind that both L’Usine locations are pretty busy from open to close but if you ask us it’s absolutely a must try at least once every trip.


What cafes can you recommend in Vietnam?


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