Under $25 Kickass Christmas Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Under $25 Kickass Christmas Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Christmas Gift
If we’re being honest, most of the Christmas gifts people give are pretty lame. Their wrapped up with good intention, but for the most part they end up stuffed away in a closet or tossed in a drawer full of junk. We figure, if you’re going to spend your hard earned money in the spirit of giving, why not do it right. Here’s a bunch of kickass, high quality, practical Christmas gifts that people will actually want.

Japanese Erasable Pens

Christmas gift
Erasable pens? Yeah, they exist and their awesome. Which makes them a solid choice when it comes to Christmas gifts. We discovered these while we were travelling through Tokyo and the first time we used one we realized we needed a bunch of them in our lives. Best part is you don’t have to fly to Japan to score these pens because their also available on Amazon.

Swiss Army Alox

Christmas gift
We carry a lot of Swiss Army knives. For some reason, the Swiss Army Cadet Alox always ends up in our pocket. The finish on this bad boy is a step above the average Swiss Army knife and has a useful bottle opener and a nice size blade. A hard contender for one of the better Christmas gifts. It’s honestly for anyone, no matter if you’re into knives or not.

Zojirushi Thermos

Christmas gift
Half the time we drink our coffee on-the-go so having a high quality thermos is really important. We’ve tried a ton of brands but this one is the absolute best. It keeps hot coffee hot and cold brewed coffee cold for hours. Another kickass feature is the lockable lid that has saved us from potential leaks and spills over the years. And you can drink straight from the thermos which means no more fumbling with the lid. Make life easy and add this to your list of Christmas gifts.

Field Notes

Christmas gift
Call us old skool but we love notepads. No matter where we go you can bet Santa’s cookies there’s always one in our back pocket. So many don’t make the cut, they fall apart, the paper’s too thin and they’re just not fun to use. Our favorite brand is Field Notes for its overall high quality and price. You can choose from a ton of traditional styles or go for trendier designs. Definitely something for everyone.

Keychain flashlight

One thing that we can’t live without is a good quality keychain flashlight. This is our go-to Christmas gift for people and they love it. It comes in handy when walking your dog at night, finding stuff in those dim annoying places or if you’re like us, when you get lost in the back streets of Saigon. When it comes to Christmas gifts you can’t go wrong with a reliable keychain flashlight. Skip the cheap ones and spend at least $10 for a half decent flashlight.


Christmas gift

Hands down one of the best 2-player card games around. It’s a good time and the illustrations on the cards are really beautiful. We’ve been known to spend hours playing and getting pretty amped and competitive over this game. It’s all about the trade, trade, trade. Oh, and camels. Who doesn’t want that for a Christmas gift? We also found this game to be very useful to keep yourself entertained when the power is out.

Foam Roller

One thing we look forward to every night is our foam roller. That nubby round thing scared us at first but now it’s a like a free at home deep massage. These bad boys are portable and come in a ton of colors and intensities. Ten minutes of rolling and whoever you got it for is going to be high fiving the crap out of you.


Christmas gift

A kickass toy for grownups is the Fabrikation. These little guys seriously just brighten up your whole dang day. There’s so many designs to choose from and the peeps at Funko are always coming out with more cool ones all the time. It’s one of those Christmas gifts that keeps on giving.

ChestBrew POP

Christmas gift
No coffee drinker should be without coffee, especially during the holidays. Now imagine that coffee lover receiving 20 premium pour over coffee pouches filled with the strongest and tastiest Vietnamese coffee that they can take and make anywhere! ChestBrew POP (Pour Over Coffee Pouch), it’s just about as good as your gift giving can get.

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