Shocking News Alert!  Our Vietnamese Coffee isn’t the best thing in the world.  True, it does make a brilliant cold brew coffee, an equally a yummy Vietnamese iced coffee and the hot brew is absolutely something to wake up for but it’s just not the best thing.

Drink Vietnamese coffee and make a difference(Images courtesy of Flickr, Lee Lockwood)

Want to know what is? Simple.Three words. Project of Purpose.

As a company ChestBrew sells Vietnamese coffee but as group of people with consciously aware and supportive (and super cool) consumers what we do goes well beyond sales goals and brand recognition. ChestBrew works towards creating opportunities for brighter futures.

Even before the idea of Vietnamese coffee was on the table our parent company knew down to its corporate core that every business it entered into, every project it considered taking on whether in the world of coffee, tech and beyond had to have one important and non-negotiable condition.

A solid, human to human enriching purpose.

It may not be what most big corporations encourage or are even all that concerned about in their afternoon meetings but we have no aspirations for being the next “big guy”.

Our goal, with your support, is to help the little guy.  It’s to create as many opportunities as possible for as many people as possible who have all the drive, need and desire in the world to build a brighter future for themselves, their children and the future of their country.

It sounds like a big challenge and it is but day by day, one project of purpose at a time together we can make a radical difference.

Here’s how we do it…

  • An opportunity to help those in need is determined.
  • A business partnership is made and nurtured with all the details sorted out.
  • An incredible product/service is brought to the U.S. and purchased by eager and awesome consumers.
  • Revenues are divided fairly to the three parties involved.

Drink Vietnamese coffee and make a different(Image courtesy of Flickr, HG Walte)

Opportunities are created, futures are made brighter and the world gets to enjoy a delicious Vietnamese coffee that not only makes life better but allows each individual a chance to be a part of an even crazier and cooler change.

It’s not a quick fix but our Projects of Purpose have staying power.  Their projects that offer the best to everyone and stand on their own hard working and sustainably solid feet.  Those feet just happen to belong to everyone involved including yours and mine.


What type of Projects of Purpose are you passionate about?


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