As the great Shakespeare penned for the love struck Juliet, “What’s in a name?” And as our great Vietnamese coffee lovers have asked us “What’s the deal with the name ChestBrew?” So, before this Project of Purpose goes one coffee bean further allow us to break it down for you with a little story…

How Vietnamese coffee helped us find our purpose

There once was a guy and gal who had a dream of doing something to help create opportunities for people from a land called Vietnam.  These opportunities would allow Vietnamese people to live happier, more fulfilled lives, it was a good dream.

But how would they do it?  The answer had to be somewhere they agreed and so they spent time looking for other people to tell them how they could make it happen. They travelled around the world talking about who they could work for to get it done.  They searched and searched but nothing they ever found felt right.

Until one day a tragically beautiful thing happened when they realized that they would never ever find the answer anywhere in the world.  It was pointless to look here, there and everywhere because it just wasn’t there to be found.

Alas, the guy and girl returned home and sat with themselves in stillness pondering over where this answer could be.  Hours, days and weeks of hard work, thinking, reflecting and being still and then the most amazing thing happened!

They FOUND the answer inside of them!  They could finally hear the voice that was happy to tell them all they needed to know about how to make their dream come true! This insightful, knowledgeable voice came from deep within them and told them how to go out in the world and create a Project of Purpose.

But what would that Project of Purpose be?  Obviously there was more hard work to be done and that required strong coffee.  So they brewed up the coffee beans they brought back from their trip to Vietnam and got down to it.

It may have taken more than one quick cup but the dots were soon connected and they realized that Vietnamese coffee was the project. Their purpose was to create much needed jobs in Vietnam for hard working folks who would harvest and roast the coffee. That coffee would be what hard working people in the Western world would drink and quickly come to rely on as there go- to – coffee to get things done.

And so ChestBrew came to be.  The word “Chest” meaning from the heart and “Brew” representing the hard work it takes make things happen.

The moral of this story and the reason behind the ChestBrew name is that the importance of cultivating self-awareness above all else is something that is so key to finding your path to determining the hard work you have to do to make your dreams and goals a reality.

It’s not information that you’re going to be able to Google.  It’s not a phone call or connection away and it’s not listening to anyone else’s opinion.  It’s working on self-improvement from within in order to put your best SELF back out into the world to be a brighter light.

It’s that uncomfortable hard work that allows you to get down to the business of figuring stuff out.

It’s learning to listen to your own inner voice and trusting that with consistent work, filtering the noise and getting to know yourself you will find the way to your purpose.

It’s helping yourself first so that you can then help others.


What tips can you offer for figuring out your purpose?


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