5 Things to Stop Caring about Right Now

5 Things to Stop Caring about Right Now


Are you or is the one you love the hyper-caring type? You know, the person who loses sleep over their job interview or the big game? The person who tries to please and impress everyone under God green’s earth leaving nothing for themselves? Read them ‘5 things to stop caring about right now’, right now, because life is too precious to be a caring zombie.

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The scary and uncertain future

Do you go to bed and lay there for hours projecting the terrible future? How’s that working out for you? Remember the time you built up so many butterflies in your stomach that you buckled on the actual performance? So many of us put ourselves in a “possibility purgatory” because we’re scared of the future.

Life is short. You’ll just have to embrace uncertainty like a long lost child. How about going after everything and tackling it to the ground? You only get one life and it’s YOUR life. Try to accept that life isn’t going to be smooth and sometimes you’re not going to get what you want or what you work so hard for. So what? No one is that lucky. Look at it this way, embracing uncertainty makes you brave and failure makes you stronger.

Your impact on others

We’re all social beings and it’s easy to let ourselves believe that people actually care about what we do and say. Ready for the hard truth? They rarely do unless you’re in their face or right next to them. That leaves the other 99% of the time for us to wastefully obsess about having some sort of impact on others.

Guess what? People generally devote all of their thoughts to themselves. It’s not a delighted feature of humanity but the fact is an average person exists in a “me” centered world. Most people are too consumed with thinking about what to have for dinner, whether there’s traffic on the way home or if they remembered to pay that overdue bill. Basically, they think a whole lot about things that affect them, and little to none about you.

It’s a helpful practice to remind yourself that everyone has better things to do than care about you, your mistakes and your purposes (gasp). The world rarely pays attention to you. Want to make impact on others? Start by doing big things.

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Trying to please

You’re living the impossible dream. The great monk and poet John Lydgate once said “you can’t please all the people all of the time.”
So stop killing yourself trying to meet everyone’s expectations. Because guess what, even if you devote all your time making others happy it doesn’t change how they feel about you. They’ll just categorize you as the chump that will do anything to please them. People only change how they view you when they decide they want to. I’m all about building relationships with honest effort from both parties. Stop and look at all the “Yes” men and “Yes” women you’re surrounded by. Why are so few of them getting back what they give?

Take a step back, look at how you’re spending your time and energy and make sure the only person you’re aiming to please is you and those special few who really give a sh*t about you.

Popular opinion

The world is ruled by unnecessary ego. There are so many wannabe gurus out there in every corner of life. You can find them trolling forums on the internet, front and center on your Facebook feed, on a late night infomercial or even in the cubicle next to you. Dig a little deeper and you quickly realize that their all-important viewpoints are shaped largely by popular opinions.

If you Google any given topic on the internet, you’ll see the front page results are full of popular opinions. We’ve got massive marketing engines and popular news networks spending mad money to broadcast their opinions. The facts and scientific results are often buried below page 4 since they’re all serving their own agendas.

Personally, I don’t go seek advice from wannabe gurus with their popular opinions. I also recommend avoiding advice from someone who’s unsuccessful and or unhappy. Stop wasting your time. Instead, go and find yourself some kick ass mentors. Surround yourself with people who are already in a similar place to where you want to be. These people will challenge your ideas, offer you boat loads of constructive criticism and ultimately help you grow.

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Being a basic bitch

I hate this term but you know what? It’s valid and you men can be basic bitches too.

I mean, like fall’s here! It’s time to shop for a super cute pair of overpriced UGG boots and stop at Starbucks for an equally overpriced Grande soy pumpkin spice latte. Like every other basic bitch on the block. It’s so much safer to sit in the “Comfort Zone” of conformity, while being accepted by your peers. You know, making sure that you don’t rock the boat.

But seriously, you’ve seen enough movies to realize that all your heroes are boat rockers. Here’s why. Your individuality is the one thing that is uniquely yours. It’s what makes you the person this world is waiting to know! Step away from the fray, drink coffee that doesn’t come in a green and white cup  and for the love of all things good and holy, do it right now.

This planet is overrun with people who care way too much about nonsense. Be different. Be a brave bold individual. We need more of you to drive the world engine and turn it to a better place. Start living you best life now.

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Top 10 Soul Sucking Time Wasters of 2016

Top 10 Soul Sucking Time Wasters of 2016

2016 is almost over and what have we done? Probably not much. Just like most of us, you’re probably feeling pretty guilty about not being where you told yourself you would be this year. Are you 10 for 10? Read our list of the top 10 Soul Sucking Time Wasters of 2016. You may or may not be more productive after reading this.

Soul Sucking Time Wasters

(Photo: henriquekojiterao/deviantart)

1. Facebook

The holy mother of all things anti-productive? We’re all aware that Facebook is like a huge unforgiving black abyss that keeps sucking us in. You log in with the intention of checking your notifications. You know, just a two minute break from the minutia that is your work. But then, the endless scrolling, needless commenting and border line social media stalking just sucks up all your time and your sense of achievement. And what have you accomplished by the end of the day? You found the “Hey Boo” emoji? If you’re spending more time on Facebook than doing something productive and kickass, you should really reconsider your priorities.

2. Netflix

We’re wasting 568 hours a year watching Netflix. Although we’re pretty sure that a large percentage of that time is on just browsing the selections. What a waste of time. I’m pretty sure Netflix has more options for you to browse through than your local library. And it’s frustrating, after 20 minutes of browsing we want to just throw the remote at the screen and go do something productive, like woodworking or baking a cake.  At least the cake will be freakin’ delicious.

Go bake a cake

3. Youtube

I won’t say that YouTube, with its 490 million users, is bad. But can we all agree that YouTube’s comment section is one of the worst things mankind has ever invented? Its only purpose is for the NSA to develop their list of the most outrageous people on earth. But yet, we all get sucked right in. Why the heck did I just spend 20 minutes watching a guy carve a pumpkin and another 20 minutes reading all the comments from the pumpkin critics? In total as a group, people on this earth are wasting 2.9 billion hours on YouTube each month. Do you know what kind of massively amazing thing we can build or change together, if we, the people of this earth, commit that amount of time in doing?

At this point, you’re probably thinking “but all of time waster’s de-stress me”. Well, if you can’t break the addiction, how about limiting Facebook, Netflix and YouTube to an hour a day in total? Baby steps right?

4. Selfies

No Time Wasting

The Queen of time wasters sweeping our young nation, the average millennial will take 25,700 selfies in their lifetime. Actually, I’m not sure how they forecasted this number given that most millennial are not anywhere close to the end of their lifetime. Anyway, an average young lady is said to be spending 5 hours per week taking selfies. If you’re putting that much time in you should be more efficient at it. Plan of action? Either become this guy or cut back your contribution to the 93 million selfies taken each day.

5. Personal grooming

No one is saying that personal hygiene is a waste of time. BUT when in 2016, people average 4 hours a week on getting gussied up, you have to wonder how else that 208 hours annually could be spent. Good rule of thumb, if you’re looking at yourself for more than ten minutes before you leave the house think of ways to cut that time in half. You can do it.

6. Going to Get Coffee

What used to be a grab and go so you can handle your stuff habit has now turned into a “National waste your time oasis”. Let’s put aside the $100 a month you’re spending on your mocha frappe, half sweet, extra pump of nonsense concoction. What about all the hours you waste driving to the coffee shop, standing in the stupid line, putting up with the judgmental deadbeat hipster barista? Oh, and don’t forget the time you lose hanging out in the dimly lit café to check your Facebook or post one of those selfies to prove to everyone that you overpaid for a subpar cup of joe. Be kickass, make yours at home and take it black, hold the BS.

7. Online job applications

It is 2016 people, why are we still wasting hours with online job applications? There is not one enjoyable thing about sitting in front of a laptop for hours on end shooting blanks out to every job posting you can find under the WiFi sky. Today, when you post your resume online to a popular job site you can include yourself as one of the427,000 other hopeful suckers that post every week. Our advice, go an extra mile than all those other suckers, get off your ass and go talk to other humans face to face. Make friends, build relationships, wow people and get them to pay you.

8. Dating apps

If swiping left and right to find true love isn’t a waste of time then we seriously don’t know what is. You know all about the lies and deception. It’s safe to say the profile pic is only the start. Just think of what your grandma would say if she knew you were spending mad hours online cruising for booties? Sign up to a local meetup or go to the gym. At least you’re out doing fun activities and getting in shape.

9. Commuting

Not all that long ago the average commute of 25 minutes each day was already driving us mad. In 2016, we jacked that number up another 20 percent because why the heck not? To make it clear, that’s roughly 1.8 trillion minutes Americans spend commuting and hating every minute of it. If someone ever tells you that they enjoy their long commute that person is a liar and they cannot be trusted. So what do you do? Move to Thailand? Actually, don’t move to Thailand, your family and friends will miss you.

Clinton vs Trump

(Photo: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cc)

10. Watching the news

If ever there was a year spent wasting time watching the news it’s 2016. What the heck are they calling news these days? This one is a doozy and there are so many painful reasons why but we’ll give the majority of the credit to the Presidential Election. Every outlet is perpetuating their own agenda so you have to roll up your sleeves and dig into the piles of shit that get dumped on us in looped segments of noise. Look outside the box and seek out the truth. Educate yourself, use your brain to determine your own thoughts and have real discussions with real people. When in doubt, vote for common sense.

No more wasting time people. Get your shit together, grab some ridiculously strong ChestBrew coffee and be more efficient and effective in all the things that you do.

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