The definition of the word habit is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”.   No one is immune from habits and as we know they can be good, bad and downright ugly.

The impact habit explained

For the sake of narrowing it down let’s focus on a habit that 83% of American adults have.

Have you ever thought about how many cups of coffee do you drink a day? A week?  A month? If you’re anything like the average person in America who has a coffee habit that number is probably around 3.2 cups of java per day. (Coffee Statistics 2015)  For simplicity sake let’s be like Canada and round that down to 3 solid cups.

Now, let’s say part of your To DO list includes a few daily trips to your favorite coffee spot. If you’re “brewing-out” at the coffee shop, which charges around $2-3 a cup then you’re taking around $6-10 dollars out of your wallet a day.  If you’re more of a DIY kind of coffee lover and you’re percolating at home or at the office that costs is more likely to be around .27 cents a serving.

Assuming, of course, that you’re buying 1 pound bags that run you between $12-15.

So for all the right side brains out there for the to-go coffee that equals:

  • $40/week
  • $160/month
  • $1920/year

And for the DIY coffee the tally comes to:

  •  $4/week
  • $16/moth
  • $192/year

Regardless of where you’re getting your coffee this is your daily habit.  Whether you consider it more of an honored ritual, a deserving treat or just a part of your routine that falls line with your personal philosophy, “But First”, it’s an essential part of your day.  A part that without it all other parts would cease to exist or at least not get done as well if we’re being honest.

Where are we going with this?  Simple, by using your dollars to support businesses that not only provide a product or service that makes your life easier and more enjoyable but whose mission it also is to help provide opportunities to help others your daily habit goes from just something you do to something you do that makes a huge impact.

Now think about how that effort plays out.  You go to work, work hard to make things happen and in return you get some cold hard cash to live off of.  Part of that living is buying coffee and so you take some of that money and buy a bag of beans that to you, offers the best moments of your day.  When that bag of beans is attached to a bigger purpose than just drinking coffee, something you do multiple times a day anyway, that means you’re effectively changing the world for the better.

Yes, just by sitting on your couch, lounging in bed or chillin’ at your desk YOU are making a difference.

It’s not a loud, everyone look at me difference but rather a quiet, consciously aware sense of self-happiness that you are doing your part to help change the lives of many.

By helping others we give our lives stronger purpose with an improved sense of well-being.  Not to mention that self-less giving is linked to bringing about an increased sense of inner peace. Yes, it makes us feel GOOD! If that’s not enough how about helping us become more educated about social topics around the world that lead to new points of view and opinions on topics that we previously knew nothing about.

And hey, when you find a company like ChestBrew Coffee that not only offers you the opportunity to grab a hold of all of the above by helping to create opportunities for brighter futures for hard working folks like you and me every time you buy a bag of the best tasting Vietnamese Coffee you could ever brew up, well we think it’s the best of both worlds.


What’s one habit you support that helps makes a difference?


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